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IRFD South-South Exchange - A Contribution to CSW57: Join our Parallel Event at UN CSW57 and the Online Forum to discuss Experiences, Lessons & Strategies for Eliminating All Forms of Violence Against Women & Girls. More >>
World Forum on Energy, Economy and Environment: Call for Papers for Online Dialogue. A continuation to IRFD's contribution to UN Rio+20. Join the Forum Today!. More >>
Sustainable Development & Poverty Reduction: IRFD program focusing on Sustainable Development & Poverty Reduction in rural and urban communities by balancing economy, environment and society with emphasis on UN Millennium Development Goals. More >>
IRFD Publication: The Balkans in Transition: In partnership with The Center for Balkan Studies, this new book shows the contemporary Balkan region has a controversial transition identity at the crossroads torn between retraditionalization and modernization. More >>

Official Representatives to the United Nations: We are accepting applications from capable individuals who are interested in representing IRFD and in establishing consultative relations with the United Nations. More>>


Call for Participants & Papers
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