Theme 16: ICT for Small Island Developing States, Least Developing Countries, and Land Locked Developing Countries
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  Changing Industrial Spectrum and ICTs: A Case of SMEs in Mauritius  
  Kaushalesh Lal, Researcher, United Nations University - Institute for New Technologies (UNU-INTECH)  
  Maastricht, The Netherlands  
  Aveeraj Sharma Peedoly  
  University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius  
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This paper sets out to locate Mauritian SMEs in the present context of global competition and more particularly to identify the extent to which they have adopted ICTs as a tool to meet the challenges which they now face. The essence of the argument that comes to the fore is that despite having an impressive number of SMEs which contribute enormously to employment creation in the country, the latter are in many ways ill-equipped to confront the challenges of global competition.  The findings, based on sixty firms, clearly show that the adoption of ICTs in SMEs is far from being an integral feature of Mauritian SMEs despite recent claims to be a cyber-island.  In turn this raises serious implications and challenges for the SMEs themselves and the Government in order to adapt to the requirements of globalisation.

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