The Business Forum of WFIS 2005  
As a part of the IRFD World Forum on Information Society - Tunis 2005, the Business Forum will bring together individuals and groups from the entire spectrum of the business community (corporate professionals, researchers, business educators, policy analysts, NGOs). In recent years, business partnership has become a vital component of the global development discourse within the UN policy framework. The upcoming United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, which will be held in Tunis, is not an exception, and the business community is expected to play a continuous key role in this process. To this effect the International Research Foundation for Development is organizing a special forum focusing on business partnership as an integral part of global development in the age of the information society.
This special forum would like to bring diverse views, innovative ideas, product information, best practices and insights of business leaders with regard to information technology and the advancement of global business, which will eventually benefit the whole world through market integration, expansion, business network alliances, and so forth. This forum would like to address the whole spectrum of issues, considerations, and practices that the business community is facing in developing a partnership with governments, local communities, NGOs, science and technology communities, policy makers and other multi-stakeholders in the process of global development.
  Business Forum Themes  
  Development of ICT for Wealth Creation & Economic Growth  
  Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and their Integration into the Global Economy  
  Global Business and Cross Sectoral Network  
  Commercial Crime Services (fraud and cyber-crime)  
  Intellectual Property Rights  
  International Trade and its Impact on Investment Competition and the Environment  
  Corporate Governance, Responsibility, and Sustainable Development  
  The Role of Business in Economic and Social Development (Ethical Issues)  
  Private Investment and Public-Private Partnership  
  Security and Trade: Supply Chain Security between Governments and Industry; Use of Information Technology to Enhance Security  
  The Role of the International Chamber of Commerce in World Trade  
  Global Trade and E-business  
  Business, Local Communities and NGOs  
  International Business and the Legal Environment  
Conference Venue
Les Cotes de Carthage, Tunisia