Examine current status in terms of challenges and constraints of the Information Science and Technology and identify ways and means to promote innovation, creativity, and sharing of global knowledge for the information society.
Examine the relationship between Information Communication Technology and the global transformation (scientific, economic, social, political, cultural, and organizational) issues and concerns at local, national, regional and global levels.
Strengthen the shared awareness – common vision - expressed during the Geneva Phase of the UN World Summit
Mobilize the scientific community and a wide range of other stakeholders to examine and understand the information society in a holistic manner, and develop a coherent framework to facilitate actions.
Conduct policy research and advocacy on issues such as universal and inclusive access to the information society and develop alternative approaches to meet the challenges of the digital divide – such as rich and poor; virtual and spatial; north-south; developed-developing; inter-intra regional and national; countries with favorable physical resources conditions and vulnerable small islands developing states; mainstream beneficiaries-marginalized and disadvantaged groups (women, men, youth, children, the disabled, indigenous, migrant and refugee communities and the vast segment of the rural population).
Promote international cooperation and broad-based partnerships among stakeholders to share the benefits of the information society in an equitable manner.
Develop integrated approaches to analyze infrastructure and content issues; to preserve linguistic diversity and cultural identities; and examine issues of information network security.
Examine the economic, political and social realities that undermine human rights and dignity in the context of information society and find ways and means to promote human rights and human development.
Integrate the millennium declaration commitments to the UN WSIS process.
Monks are learning basic computer operations in an effort to electronically archive Bhutan's rich collection of Buddhist manuscripts, biographies and historical documents.
Photo: Courtesy of ROA Online