The Balkans in Transition
Edited by Neville S. Arachchige Don and Ljubisa Mitrovic

THE BALKANS IN TRANSITION shows that the contemporary Balkan region has a controversial transition identity that it is at the crossroads torn between retraditionalization and modernization.  By critically questioning the problems of the Balkan transition in the context of global and regional processes, the authors give a modest analysis of its inner contradictions pointing to the achievements of different strategies and projects on the possibilities of further development of the Balkans as well as activities undertaken by the social actors.  The authors conclude that the future of the Balkans does not lie in retailoring the past and conflicts but in the search for a modern development formula, mutual cooperation and integration with Europe and the world.

THE BALKANS IN TRANSITION is a product of the cooperation between the International Research Foundation for Development (USA) and the Center for Balkan Studies (Serbia). Some of the contributions in this book were first presented at the IRFD World Forum on Social Development in Geneva, which was a parallel event to the UN World Summit on Social Development.

ISBN 10: 0-9792762-09
ISBN 13: 978-0-9792762-0-0
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